Documentation - <audio>

An audio element describes an MP3 file to be played on a given screen. Any number of <audio> elements may be used within one <screen> element. Furthermore, the presence of at least one audio element causes the mute control to be displayed. Finally, note that the audio element is available in the Pro version only. (Note: To load the gallery with the audio muted, see the '<automute>' element.)


  • filename - The URL of the MP3 file. This may be an absolute or relative URL. Note that if a relative URL is provided, the URL is relative to the location of the .swf file (featurific.swf). For example, if mysong.mp3 resides in the same directory as featurific.swf, simply use "mysong.mp3" as the filename.


<audio filename="sound_effect.mp3"/>

<audio filename=""/>



*Pro version only