Featurific Pro

Featurific Pro provides all of the features of Featurific FREE plus much more.

Since you're visiting this page, you're probably satisifed with Featurific FREE, but want a bit more. Make it happen with Featurific Pro.

Enhanced Features of Featurific Pro:

Audio/Video Support
With the release of Featurific Pro version 1.55, we have added support for MP3 audio and FLV video! For a 'live' example of video support in action, visit Airgun Depot.

The background images in this presentation were kindly provided by various talented artists. Please click on any screen to be taken to the artist's homepage.

$499 (price reduced, see below)

Discount Pricing

For a limited time, Featurific is available at an incredible discount!

Featurific Unbranded*: $49 (Personal License), $129 (Commercial License)

Featurific Pro: $149 (Personal License), $199 (Commercial License)

*Featurific Unbranded provides the same functionality as Featurific Free and also removes the 'Powered by Featurific' logo.


  • Customize the gallery to an arbitrary size (choose the height and width of the gallery)
  • Provide a more professional look by removing the text, "Featurific FREE"
  • Access to a variety of transitions (the FREE version only allows the 'fade' transition, while the Pro version allows 'fade', 'wipe', and more to come!
  • Add shadow text for unique effects and a professional high-contrast look
  • Specify a variable duration for a given screen (the FREE version defaults to 5 seconds per screen)
  • Use a variety of animation speeds for text and images (the FREE version is limited to a speed of 5 only)
  • Include images within the gallery (.jpg, .gif, .png)
  • Add beautiful vector-based .swf images and smooth .swf animations within the gallery
  • Seamlessly integrate the gallery with your site by using a custom font within the player (email us the font, and we'll send you a custom-compiled version of the gallery with your font included)
  • For a limited time: FREE installation/maintenance support
  • For a limited time: FREE upgrades for life!

*For a limited time only