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Full Version: Am not able to change the size of this monstrously large box...
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The files referenced in other threads that enable the site-owner to change the size of the feature box do not exist and/or are disabled in the version I've just downloaded--so how do I make the box smaller? I'm testing it for the first time today, since downloading it yesterday, and the box's size is ruining my website because it takes up too much room. Am I expected to purchase it just to change the size? If that is the case....I'll find another plugin.


Never mind; I've found another plugin.
Hi Guest,

Thanks for your note. I understand that you've decided to use a different plugin. If, however, you'd still like to use Featurific, maybe this will help:

There are a variety of templates to choose from on the Featurific Options screen. If the chosen template is too large, a different one might be of a more desirable size. If you find a template that you like but is of the wrong size, simply change the 'width' and 'height' parameters in the template.xml file for the template you are using.

Have a great day!


Where would one find the template.xml file to change the size?
Hi there,

The template.xml files are located in:

[path to your wordpress installation]/wp-content/plugins/featurific-for-wordpress/templates/[template name]/template.xml

Hope this helps! Smile Please let me know what other questions you may have.
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