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Full Version: Featurific FATAL ERROR
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I want to use featurific plugin,however when I try to activate the plugin I get the following error

Quote:Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare featurific_show_admin_message_once() (previously declared in /home/bloglear/public_html/sunnydsouza.co.cc/wp-content/plugins/featurific-for-wordpress/featurific.php:145) in /home/bloglear/public_html/sunnydsouza.co.cc/wp-content/plugins/featurific-for-wordpress/featurific.php on line 156


P.S I have Featured content galley and Frontpage slideshow plugins installed.Is is because of that??

My website : http://sunnydsouza.co.cc
Hi there!

This error usually occurs because of a conflict between plugins. To determine which plugin is causing the conflict, first try the steps outlined here:


The previous steps are the best solution, but if that doesn't work, another possible solution is to disable plugins one or two at a time until the activation error goes away. Once it goes away, you know that one of the plugins that you just deactivated is causing the conflict. Please let me know what error messages you receive, and hopefully we can get Featurific working for you! Smile

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