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Full Version: I no longer see the plugin in my home :(
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In my blog using wordpress 2.6.5, and so far I have always used the version 1.5.7 of your wonderful plugin, with the theme Thumber (Right Justified), the XML file modified by me.
The plugin has always worked perfectly, but a little 'time unexpectedly I can not see the plugin in the home of my site: (
Can you help? The site is balbuzie-news.it

Hi there!

I see that you are using a plugin to combine the JS files, perhaps minifying them or compressing them in some other way. However, the Featurific JS code is not present in the file (http://www.balbuzie-news.it/wp-content/p...298470817)

If you turn off the Javascript compressor or whatever it is that is modifying the JS includes, Featurific should work again.

Have a great day! Smile
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