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Full Version: How does one change the excerpt_color
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How does one change the excerpt_color var. There is instructions in the template that this can be done, but no instructions on how.
Can one hellp ?

Thanks for your question. To change the color, there are two approaches:

1. Use a custom field to override the excerpt_color on a post-by-post basis. This is the best solution if you want different posts to have different excerpt text colors.
2. Edit the template. If you want to change the excerpt text color for all posts in the slideshow, this is the best solution. To do so, find the line in the template that looks like this:

<default name="excerpt_color" value="#99ffff"/>

and change it like this: (assuming you want to change to full red, or #ff0000)

<default name="excerpt_color" value="#ff0000"/>

Save the file, and next time the slideshow is generated, the new color should be used.

Hope this helps! Smile
Hi Mate,
You need to edit the style.css Look for this section

.category a {
color:#333; <===this is the color of the category

reply me is it working?
Hi notyrock,

Thanks for your response! However, I think you might have the wrong bulletin board - this is a board for Featurific, an XML-based featured content slideshow. Thanks for stopping by, though, and feel free to stick around! Smile

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