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Full Version: Will the Featurific Plugin Work On Custom Template Pages
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As I am now so frustrated that
1 - I cant get the plugin to work on my static pages, I have now spent 6 hours trying and read and followed all the instructions - deactivated visual editors several ways - used Sniplet to add PHP code.

2 I have made a new custom templates for my pages and still it will not work
will it work on a custome template?

3 - This is a last and final call for help - Please how do I get this thing to work

4 - I was considering buying the pro licence but due to lack of support thats out the window right now

5 - I can feel the frustrations from many others on this forum

6 - After tonight - I will delete forever the plugin the Forum, and get on with life
Hi Brian,

I've responded to your questions on one of your other threads. Let's consolidate our discussion in that thread. Check it out at:


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