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Full Version: Changing the WP post image grabbed by the plugin
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I suspect the answer to this is 'no' but here goes...

We use Featurific on duncantappy.com, which is a WordPress site. As you'll see from the site, the plugin display on the front page requires a different size photo from the actual news page.

We can't use the size from the stories on the front as it would be too small. And we can't use the size from the front in the stories as it would be too large. But as things stand the images on the front are stretched and grainy.

Since the images are actually the medium-size thumbnail created automagically on upload to WordPress, is there any way of telling the plugin to use the original full-sized images instead? Sure, they wouldn't look perfect, but they'd be an improvement I figure...
Hi andy!

Thanks for your visit, and your question! As you've noticed, the resizing algorithm used by flash is far from perfect. However, all is not lost - there is hope! There are a number of potential solutions, but some of the most readily available are described here:


Please let me know how this works for you! Smile

Have a wonderful day!
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