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Full Version: Manually Select Images and Words for Featurific
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Hi! I'm using Featurific for WordPress as a plugin.

I managed to place it properly on my front page and I've managed to change the sizing and everything to my liking.

My question is: Can I have Featurific pull from an .xml file that I write on my own so I can specify the exact wording and the pull the precise image for the slideshow? I'd like my wording to be different from my excerpts and I'd also like the image I use in the slideshow to NOT appear in the actual article.

Is that possible? If so, can you show an example .xml file that I can rewrite?

Thank you in advance!! What you've created it truly fantastic and I appreciate what you've done!


Edit: I'd also like to do this to point to other parts of the site that aren't generated within WordPress, thus the need to point to specific pages.
Hi Armyhistory!

Thanks so much for your interest in Featurific, your question, and your kind words. I'm glad you like the plugin!

With regard to Wordpress usage, you may want to look in to custom fields:

You can see which custom fields are available by viewing the template.xml file for the template you're using (located in plugins/featurific-for-wordpress/templates/<template_name>). You can also edit the template here, removing specific fields/code that you prefer to not have in the slideshow (or even add new elements in).

Also, you *can* use Featurific directly without involving Wordpress at all. Your best bet here may be to save the data.xml file generated by Wordpress, and edit it to your liking. Then, you can manually include the code to insert Featurific into your page, pointing it at your custom data.xml file. These pages may be of use to you:


Some of the API may be a bit outdated, but for the most part, that should help out greatly.

What other questions do you have that I can help out with?

Looking forward to hearing back from you,
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