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Full Version: Images compression: how to obrain a better quality
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I have recently purchased your Featurific player, I like it very much!

I just need to find a way to have images compressed at a better quality, actually you default settings are compressing too much images, and the effect is not as good as I expect:


Can you tell me where I can set the compression rate for the resized images?

Thank you!

Hi again, Ivan!

Featurific uses the same images that it finds in the post. It seems that the images in your posts are much smaller than the Featurific gallery, so it has to expand the pictures so they fit in the gallery. This is causing the 'compression' issues you're seeing.

You have a few options. Check this out, it may help:

Well, I found out that Featurific plugin doesn't use the attached image in its original size, but uses the one resized by WordPress, that's the point Smile

I suggest you to add a new feature and allow people selecting whether they want to show the original picture or the resized one.

For now I decided to add a 1st image to be shown in Featurific and a new one - even though it is a copy of the 1st - to be shown in the post.

Not such an elegan solution but it works Wink

Thank you!!!
Thanks for reporting back, and for the suggestion as well, Ivan!

Have a great day! Smile
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