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Full Version: Help display featurific on the page where I need it.
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Great plugin for Wordpress, I'm trying to use it to display short member profiles on the main page.
My issue is to get it to show up on a different page than the one containing the member profile posts. Is this possible? As it is now it only shows up on the page containing the posts.


I am getting an error that looks like this when trying to install in wordpress. I have had this plugin on my blog for months now and I tried to upgrade but it didn't work. So i uninstalled it and tried to reinstall, this is the error msg:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5829321 bytes) in /home/shuckabu/public_html/wp-includes/http.php on line 1027

Please help, I like the plugin and I need it to increase page views!
Lets try to stay on topic, and not hijack someone elses support question. Make your own thread.
Still hoping for someone to please help with the original question in this thread.


sorry buddy, i don't use forums a lot.
Hey there, all! Smile

xRun, let's address your question first. Does this link help answer your question?:

Guest, I'm not sure what to do to get Featurific working right on your blog. The error that you reported occurs in wp-includes/http.php, so it's probably an issue with Wordpress itself and not Featurific. You can try the official Wordpress forums at wordpress.org:

Hope that helps! Smile Have a great day.
Hi Rich, thank you for your help. Surely your name must be what you are by now. Wink
Your tip was the first thing I tried, and didn't think it worked, but as I changed the designated posts page right now to test it seems that featurific shows up on any page containing posts.
The problem is that I'd like it to show up on a page containing no posts, and read the information from posts in the member profiles category in my wordpress setup, as well as some other category like "promotions" or something like that.
I have a static page welcoming readers. Many of them are members, and I'd like to give them the featurific treatment right there on the page they're landing on. Smile
Could you please point me in the right direction?
Hi xRun,

Ok, let's address your questions one by one.

Show up on a page containing no posts:
This is going to be a PHP customization that you need to make in your Wordpress theme - it's not something related to Featurific directly. Most likely, it will involve wrapping the call to Featurific in an if() statement. It will be something like if(sizeof(get_posts(category_id))==0) { ... } . (That's just pseudo-code; it won't actually run). Your best bet for getting more info on this question is probably on the Wordpress-specific help forums.

To get posts from a specific category, try the category filter option in the Featurific admin settings area.

For using Featurific on a static page, check out the FAQ:

Hope this helps! Smile
Thanks, I didn't quite find the info I needed, but that's old now cause we changed things a little here.
I have changed to a WPMU setup with 3 blogs. The main blog is in the /wpmu/ folder, and the 2 others have a virtual url of /wpmu/2/ and /wpmu/3/. We'd like to use featurific on /2/ and to have it display only content belonging to that blog, and the main blog will have no posts. When I try this now I get a null data error, even if I only enable featurific on the /2/ blog and have a couple of posts there. Any ideas?
Hi xRun,

Unfortunately, the free version of the Featurific for Wordpress plugin currently does not support WPMU. We do have a commercial version that has limited support for WPMU - it was originally created as part of a consulting project for a client. We might be able to adapt it to fit your needs if you're interested in upgrading - please feel free to contact us at sales at featurific dot com for more details.

Thanks, and have a great day!
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