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Full Version: Can't get pactures from posts
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Hi !
Since the upgrade ow my wordpress (3.1.3) and re installationi of featurific, it do not get pictures from my post and always show a lemon un Thumber template :-(
However it seems to work with pictures hosted in my website but do not work with flickr stored pictures...

Any ideas ?
Hi there!

Can you post your URL so I can take a look? Thanks! Smile

Damn, i though i did it :


im having the same issue as well, did you get yours fixed?
sorry, i forgot the link. kingsransomfoundation.org
No, it's always the same sh..., even worst...
Hey Rinogo, did u find something ?
Hey guys!

I believe Featurific only supports images that are hosted locally. That would explain why Flickr pictures aren't showing up. This could change in a future version, though, if there's enough support for it. In the meantime, you could try copying the images over to the local WP instance. ?

Hope this helps - have a great day!
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