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Full Version: How to break the link between Ftrfc and the posts?
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Bonjour everybody,
my problem is the following: I want to use featurific (who wouldn't) but I don't want it to link to the post it displays (the concerned posts are short enough to fit in totality in the boxy template) when the "box" is clicked.
Actually, I don't want it to be clickable.
My question is: how?

Merci beaucoup everybody for your answers
Hi Ewen,

This is actually really easy! It does, however, require editing the template.xml file. Simply remove the url attribute from line 40 in plugins/featurific-for-wordpress/Boxy/template.xml. The line in question begins with '<screen url="%url%"...'.

Once you're done removing the 'url' attribute, you should be left with something like the code shown below. (entire file included)
Good luck! Smile


        * When upgrading the Featurific for Wordpress plugin, changes to your templates **will be overwritten**.  To avoid
            losing your changes, save your modified templates before upgrading the plugin.  Then, upgrade the plugin, and
            finally, restore your modified templates.

        * Featurific for Wordpress generates the data*.xml file every x minutes (e.g. 10 minutes by default).  The next time
            the data*.xml file is generated, your changes to this template will be visible.  However, if you wish to see your
            changes more immediately, access the Featurific Settings page (Settings->Featurific), and hit the "Update Options"
            button at the bottom without changing any of your settings.  Doing so forces a regeneration of the data*.xml file,
            so you can see the result of your modifications immediately.

    <!-- Notes about this template.  Use any HTML you like, but use '[' and ']' to define your tags.  (e.g. [h4]Notes[/h4])  To use the literals '[' and ']', use '[' and ']', respectively. -->
        A small gallery suitable for sites low on screen real-estate.  Works well in a sidebar.[br/]
        [b]Optional[/b] custom fields available for post-specific override:[br/]
            [a href='http://featurific.com']Designed by Rich Christiansen[/a].

    <size width="150" height="200"/>
        <button type="play"/>
        <button type="pause"/>
        <button type="previous"/>
        <button type="next"/>

    <screen duration="%screen_duration%" transition="fade">
        <!-- Main image.  Note that we use the 'max' resize type so that the image is guaranteed to fit in the display area. -->
        <image filename="%image_1%" x="0" y="0" width="150" height="200" resizetype="max"/>
        <default name="image_1" value="templates/common/boxyDefault.jpg"/>
        <!-- Lighter grey portion, behind text.  Note that this lighter grey portion is listed *after* the main image.  This will cause the main image to be cropped by the lighter grey portion.  This is necessary since we're using the 'min' resize type on the main image. -->
        <image filename="templates/common/greyF5.png" x="0" y="0" width="150" height="200" resizetype="exact" animatefromx="1500" animatefromy="0" animationspeed="5"/>
        <text x="5" y="0" width="140" animatefromx="1500" animatefromy="0" animationspeed="5">
            <line fontsize="14" fontstyle="bold" fontcolor="black" text="%post_title%"/>
            <line fontsize="10" fontcolor="black" text="%post_excerpt% (Read More)..."/>
            <line fontsize="8" fontstyle="bold" fontcolor="black" text="Posted in: %categories%"/>



Hi !
I feel a bit ashame, it looks so simple.
Merci beaucoup for the solution, believe me, it'll help!


ps: Featurific rocks

Don't be ashamed - thanks for asking! Smile

Good luck with Featurific,


Hi Rich,
I'm one of the many happy users of your useful plugin.
It's a bit of time that I don't do any modification...
Just a question and, consequently, a little help:
I remember time ago that, of course (like over here), clicking on your box I should go on the relative post ...
But now this doesn't happen and I want it (just the contrary of Ewen).
I have, of course, the last version of WordPress and of your Plugin and everything is OK (no conflicts)...
(and I didn't understand exactly your answer above: I din't find the file template.xml)...
Can you help to understand HOW to solve my problem?
My blog is http://www.scuolapereroi.it.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
Elo ;-)))
Hi again, Elo!

I can see what you're talking about - when I click on Featurific, a new page loads, but the target post/page is not found (resulting in a 404 error). Regarding the entries that result in the error: are they pages or posts? It seems (from my brief investigation) that they are posts - something we haven't tested in Featurific.

Regardless, to fix this issue, you could always use the custom field functionality. For the screens that are broken, define a custom field on the post/page. The custom field you should define is 'url', and should contain the url (relative or absolute should work) to the post/page on your website.

Hope this works for you! Smile


Hi Rich,
(thank you for your fast answer)
... Oppsss, They are Posts... I don't remember if your Plugin works (better) with Pages or Posts...
Anyway, about your last Advice, I didn't understand very well...
What do you mean, exactly, for "custom field"? I never did it...
I found (in WordPress), creating a Post, under the text field, the voice "Custom fields"... I imagine that I have to use this option...
If so, I tried to create a filed named "url" and with the value "http://www.scuolapereroi.it/?p=1488" (the url of the Post) or "http://www.scuolapereroi.it/?page_id=170" (the url of the relative Page), but it doesn't work...
What do I make wrong?
How can I solve the problem?
Like I told you (in the past) I'm not an expert...
Thank you again for your Patience...
Have a Nice day.
Elo ;-)
Hi Elo,

Thanks for your response! Also, sorry for the typo - When I said that we hadn't tested Featurific with posts, I *meant* to say that we haven't tested it with *pages*. Posts should work fine.

The problem seems to be this:

Featurific is linking to pages in this format:

When really, it seems that the pages are accessible via this format:

Do you know why this could be the case? My guess is that you have a plugin installed that is modifying the URLs used to access posts, so the default Wordpress URLs (which Featurific is using) are no longer valid.



Hi Rich,
You're right. Unlucky, with the Plugin Advanced Category Excluder, I switch off the Category of the Posts included in Featurific, so it was impossible to go to the relative Posts.
I "adjusted" the function, so now everything is OK.
Thank you very much for the advice/solution.
Have a nice day and a good job.
Elo :-)
Hi Elo,

Glad everything is working again! Smile

Have a great day,
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