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featuric slider technical problems - elroy - 08-06-2009 12:13 PM

i have problems, at least to a certain extent. I use Wordpress Featuric Slider, but want to be the images thrown together with the text and sometimes disappearance a few blocks on my frontpage.

If I add a new item than it would ever be the case. I move to an existing item on old news and I change the date of publication than he takes him on. Is there a limit in terms of number of messages because I love this equates to the number of post on the front page. So = 10 in the slider 10 on the front page. Occasionally throw pe t together ...

I t in internet explorer, firefox and opera uitgepobeerd thought as a browser, but no. This problem occurs with every browser. Now i can husks and then a news away and replaced, but do not tie the intention.

Would mean that I archive old messages lost because I want to replace in the same place with a new one. Adding new items is not the problem, but the slider take them on and throw sometimes together.

Text and images are no longer synchronized. Hoo pdat someone has a solution or knows what this can be. It is now little inprofeseren with the items and move vd articles ...

So i must used old articels to remove them and place new articles there because there are some white blocks of the articles on my frontpage. When i change this the slider used the wrong pictures to the right articles..so there is no match anymore together...what can i do? Its very anoying to remove articles to a maximum of 10 because the featuric slider dont regornized the newest article then....

send me the solution to erh@caiway.nl - thankx

RE: featuric slider technical problems - rinogo - 08-13-2009 05:14 AM

Hi there, elroy!

I'm not sure I understand the problem you're describing. Can you please post a link to your site? This might help me better understand your problem.