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featurific new version - Guest - 01-11-2010 04:31 AM

I've updated to featurific 1.6.1 - a nice plugin, that I really enjoy....

the auto-upgrade didn't work - no surprise really, since most do fail - but I uploaded the new files, and re-activated it, and it works, but I'm being told i NEED to install "Featurific Free", something that is not in the installation package, and no mention is made of it in the installation notes.

I'm loathe to install something I know nothing about, with no website to go look at to see what it is...

Anyone here care to comment on what it is, and why I need to install it, and why there are no notes in the installation package about this additional piece of software?

RE: featurific new version - rinogo - 01-12-2010 07:28 AM

Hi Guest!

The actual Featurific Free file (FeaturificFree.swf) was removed from the Featurific for Wordpress package since its license agreement conflicts with that of Wordpress.org. So, Featurific Free must be installed for the plugin to work.

(The Featurific for Wordpress plugin (GPL) simply generates a data.xml file that can be read by Featurific Free (proprietary license). Featurific Free reads this data.xml file and renders the posts/images inside of it on-screen in the visual format that you see on your blog's main page)

We recently made this change and seem to have forgotten to add notes about to the readme file/FAQ. We'll make sure we take care of that on the next version. Thanks for pointing this out to us! Smile

If everything seems to be working, then great! However, I would suggest clearing your cache just to make sure that your browser isn't using a previously available version of Featurific from your cache.

Please let me know if you need further help.