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RE: Working with .htaccess files - jeckert - 10-07-2010 04:04 AM

You're going to have a laugh at how easy this was to fix.

Our IT department directed us to change the blog address in the general settings to include httpS:// after installing Wordpress. This is an unnecessary change. Changing it back to http:// in the general settings for Wordpress solved all of my problems. And since the net authorization system itself is still accessed through an SSL portal, I shouldn't be compromising my security.

Thanks for all your help! Wouldn't have been able to figure it out without you.


RE: Working with .htaccess files - rinogo - 10-09-2010 03:18 AM


I'm so glad we got it working! Likewise, without your insight, this would have been a very tough problem to fix! Smile

Will you drop me a line once you've got everything up and running just as you like it? I'd love to check out your site in greater detail. Smile

Have a wonderful weekend! Smile