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Working with .htaccess files
10-02-2010, 01:47 AM (This post was last modified: 10-02-2010 01:49 AM by jeckert.)
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RE: Working with .htaccess files
Hi Rinogo,

I've sent the link to you via PM.

The images are accessible directly -- I can go to the image that should be showing in the rotator by typing its address into the address bar of the browser.
The featurific files are also accessible -- the read/write/execute permissions are as loose as can be. The issue is that after I placed the site behind the security system, any images I uploaded into Wordpress since making the switch don't make it into the Featurific display.

I'm assuming there's an issue with the way Featurific is calling for those images. The only two changes that have occurred between "working" and "not working" is adding redirect lines to the .htaccess file to make /wordpress/ appear as the root, and adding the require user lines that interact with the UW NetID Authorization system for anything that attempts to access (~/wordpress/wp-admin), (~/xmlrpc.php), or (~/wp-login.php) without one is denied, thus the FilesMatch line in the code for the flash uploader.

After a little more digging (and breaking things) and RTFM'ing, I came across this:
Quote:= Featurific works, but none of the images load. Help! =
In most cases, this issue is related to hotlink prevention measures taken by a web host. To make a long story short,
Flash (Actionscript 3.0) doesn't send the HTTP-REFERER HTTP header, which causes some web servers to erroneously conclude
that Featurific is attempting to [hot-link]( an image. So, these servers
block Featurific's image requests and the images do not appear. To fix this issue, try disabling 'hot link' or 'leech'
protection in your CPanel or PLESK control panels. If that does not work, try contacting your web host and explain that
you need hotlink protection disabled.
Now hotlinking isn't disabled, but I *do* know that the HTTP Authorization plugin they need us to use to interact with the user/password system requires a call to the HTTP-REFERER. Since that isn't sent with Flash, I'm now presuming that's the problem. My campus IT seems to think it is an issue with the redirect.

I have another website that is a clone of this without the user/password setup that the University uses, where I've been following the same installation steps up until adding the additional .htaccess work. It has retained all functionality -- I can upload photos to new posts tagged "featured posts" and have them show up fine in the rotator.

But here's the real kicker:

Turning off the redirect which reveals the /wordpress/ directory doesn't fix the issue.
Commenting out the file access lines also doesn't fix the issue.
Deactivating the HTTP Authorization plugin (in combination with commenting out the file access lines) also doesn't fix the issue.

The MySQL database is in its own directory from the root, so I know the redesign isn't affecting any of the blog internals.

I'm going to try a reinstall of the plug-in today after I back up the XML files again. I'll let you know how it goes, since I'm fairly sure we're in drastically different time zones. Smile


p.s. I've learned squat as far as apache goes, so any explanations involving working with the .htaccess file are probably going to have to be spelled out for me. I'm doing the learn-as-you-go thing I'm afraid.
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